About Us

Established in year 2002, Bake Well Supplies first started in Selangor, supplies wide variety and fine quality baking ingredients, products and utensils for home bakers, commercial bakeries, and also wholesalers. With the loyal support of customers and suppliers, the business later grown to total 4 outlets, Bake Well Ingredient Center, Bake Well Enterprise, Bake Well Pasir Gudang, which team up to provide all customers excellent products and services. 


We believe in quality products and customer orientation. Customers can get most of the ingredients for their baking needs, together with our people to support and provide outstanding customer service. With a line of professional bakery suppliers who are expertise in bakery, cake, confectionaries, food technology, bread and pastry, focus to produce high quality baking ingredients.  On the other hand, our sales people are ready to assist customers in shopping of bakery goods with their intensive and resourceful baking knowledge, advices, and creative ideas.


Bake Well helps you bakes well.

Baking with Bake Well is going to be fun, easy and successful.


Bake well also conduct baking classes, demo classes, short courses, workshops  to customers whom that wants to learn or improve their baking skills. The baking classes are organized every month, conducted by professional bakers, chefs, to teach on variety of recipes, such as, festive biscuits, cakes, pastries, confectionaries, cuisines, decorating skills, etc. The charges for these classes ranges, depends on the recipe taught and nature of the class, demo or hands on class.


Happy Shopping with us!

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